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Hurricane Sandy Auction – I Am Adding Items

Over the weekend I am adding a few items to the existing auction. Click here for the link to my EBay auction. I’ve donated the items, so all proceeds (every nickel) will benefit First Lady Mary Pat Christie’s “Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund.” Thanks to those who have bid and will bid!

Added today 11/17/2012. The ride ticket is from The Terry Groffie Collection. “T-A-G” Amusements was owned by Terry’s father,  Ed Groffie, and former Mayor William Pat Tunney. 

Funtown USA Postcards

New acquisitions…


Wild Mouse at Funtown U.S.A.

This postcard was postmarked in Seaside Heights on July 7, 1965, and features the Wild Mouse roller coaster.

Funtown Amusement Center Scenes 1960s-1970s

The next group of postcards that I scanned and will post during the week feature Funtown U.S.A. in the early 1960s through the 1970s. In the first set of postcards below you can see that the boardwalk has sprung to life in the evening hours. The Haunted Castle ride can be seen in several of the postcards. Magnify the views for better detail!