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Casino Fishing Pier After The Fire

From the November 6, 1965, edition of Amusement Business Magazine…The fire referenced in the article is the June 10, 1965, fire. Click your mouse with the cursor over the image to expand the article.

Bob Bennett and the Sonic Blaster

This article appeared in the December 3, 1966, edition of Amusement Business magazine. Sonic Blaster toy guns – resembling military bazooka rocket launchers – were purchased by Boardwalk businessmen Bob Bennett and Carmen Ricci and brought to Seaside Heights after Mattel withdrew the guns from the general market. According to the article, the toy guns were a hot item during the summer of 1966. Also, if you look closely you’ll see the Bozo Drop stand in the background. Click your mouse with the cursor over the image to enlarge the article.