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Lou Conforti

Posting these for Lou’s daughter Phillis. Lou was one of the Seaside Heights locals who made a lasting impression on me when I was kid – a great person who had a lot to do with giving Seaside Heights its charm. Some of you may have worked for him at the Boza Drop at Casino Pier.   The SBA dance is a 1972 photo and Lou is in the photo at top right.  I am fairly sure that the photo from the PBA dance was taken in 1971 and you’ll find Lou in the photo at top left. Photos may be enlarged with your mouse.










Charley Mound @ Tompkins Bar – Summer 1975

Chuck Mound contacted me via e-mail through my website two weeks ago.  His father, Charley Mound, was a Jersey Shore performer in the 1970s and performed in Seaside Heights at Tompkins Bar.  I was able to find this ad in a June 1975 edition of The Review.   Chuck shared a song named “Seaside Heights” with me that his father recorded with the Four Seasons and was published as a 45.  It is very cool and I am hoping to incorporate it into my next project!    

From the Terry Groffie Collection

Boardwalk Heroes

In the original draft of the book I included a section in the Introduction that called attention to people who I consider are “Boardwalk Heroes” – people who made long-term commitments to the Seaside Heights boardwalk and forged ahead through the good times and the occasional bad times. Regretfully, space limitations combined with the fear that I would likely spell a name wrong or worse – fail to mention a VIP altogether – caused me to scratch that idea from the book. But I’m thinking that it would be a cool project for the Centennial celebration in 2013. Anyway, here’s what I intended to include, but didn’t… “an honor roll of Boardwalk Heroes, a lineup of individuals who were instrumental in shaping the town’s special boardwalk history. Inevitably, I will forget to mention someone whose name should have appeared here, but I apologize in advance for doing so: Joseph Vanderslice, F.H. Freeman, Belle Freeman, J. Stanley Tunney, Pat Tunney, Dell and Frances Hopson, Norman Hopson, Mike Brown, Bill Major, Anthony Maruca, Domenic Maruca, Joe Maruca, Maria Maruca, Angelo Cappetta, Ed Groffie, Anthony “Sonny” Ricci, Angelo Ricci, Carmen Ricci, Tommy Ricci, Frank Mack, Jack Martin, Tom Maione, Joe Knox, Jimmy Sozio, Rosemarie Janvier, Elton Kohr, Betty Kohr, Greg Kohr, Miriam DuPont, Bruce Kohr, Tom Esposito, Jack Livingston, Harry Stock, Frank Feistel & Family, Wando and Lilly, John Verderosa, Bob Scott, Sodl Family, Fuggi Family, Jimmy “Broadway,” Joseph J. Delaney, Tony Oddo, Sam and Josephine Tedesco, Richard Chabok, Dino Panas, Fred S. Rolle, William C. Rolle, Louis Lumi, William Lumi, Richard and Mary Peterson, Anthony “Lucky” Carrozza, Philip Carrozza, Mike Graichen, Linus Gilbert, John FitzGerald, John Christopher, Kenneth Wynne Jr., Robert J. Bennett, Dr. Floyd L. Moreland, Wayne Cimorelli, Leo Whalen, Tom Whalen, Steve Whalen, Frank Sommerer, Ken Hershey, Patty Hershey, George Tompkins, Ralph Tompkins, Albert Pinelli, Joseph G. Pinelli, Sr., Pete Pascarella, Sundermann Family, George Bassinder, Anthony DiChiara, Joe Luciano, Jack Jaffe, and the Boyd Family.

Feel free to ask me to add names.