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The Beach Boys – Tunney, Groffie, Kehoe, Luciano & Palermo

Occasionally, a little luck finds its way to me.  I recently purchased this edition of Amusement Business magazine solely because it was published in 1967 – the year I was born (I was two months old when this edition was published).  But as I was flipping through the pages today I came across these two photos captioned “Beach Boys” –  and I was simply amazed!  You can enlarge the photos with your mouse.

VuPoint Magic Wand Scanner

I am testing out a new toy…a VuPoint Magic Wand handheld scanner.  There will be some posts of scanned newspaper articles/images from 1972, part of the Terry Groffie Collection I am working on preserving before the newspaper turns completely brown and brittle forever! I am trying out different scan settings and techniques.

Seaside Court Motel Part 2

These two photos from the “Terry Groffie Collection” give a different visual perspective of the Seaside Court Motel. In the first photo taken along Ocean Terrace facing north, you can see the second story addition to the motel, the El Conquistidor Condominiums (background), and the Wine Cellar Bar (right). The second photo shows the demolition work being performed, I think, sometime in 1994.

Terry Groffie News Article 1995

I knew that I had a copy of this article somewhere in my boxes. I just needed a little patience and time to find it. The article says a lot about Terry and emphasizes his connection to the Tunney family – by virtue of his status as a grandson of former Mayor J. Stanley Tunney – and his passion for Seaside Heights and its history. The article appeared in the August 31, 1995, issue of The Review. Use your mouse to enlarge the article on your monitor.

T Groffie Article