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1963 Golden Anniversary Vacation Ad

I scanned this colorful Seaside Heights page from a 1963 NJ vacation guide that I recently acquired. Note the reference to the town’s Golden Anniversary that year.  Next year Seaside Heights celebrates the Big 100!

Funtown USA 1968 Amusement Business Photo

This is a b/w night shot of Funtown USA from a page of the February 3, 1968, edition of Amusement Business magazine.

Photo Art #10

Enlarge photo with your mouse.  Photo by Lenny Dibrango.

Swiss Bob and Sky Diver

This Belle Freeman Estate postcard shows the Swiss Bob in the foreground and the Sky Diver at the other end of the Casino Pier.  I know from reading the posts at some of the Jersey Shore and Seaside Heights Facebook sites that the Swiss Bob was the favorite amusement ride of many locals and visitors.  Family friend  Jimmy DeLucci (and maybe a friend of yours too) was one of the ride operators in the 1970s.

Casino Pier At Night

I think I have mentioned on this blog before that ever since Harry Smith (Jr.) got me hooked on collecting postcards four years ago I’ve amassed a lot of what is available out there – probably about 700 vintage Seaside Heights postcards. Thus, when I attend postcard and collectible shows these days, it’s not easy turning up postcards that I haven’t already purchased. But every now and then, like this past week, I get lucky and find something that I haven’t seen before. Here they are…four new postcards…recently purchased from an international postcard dealer. I especially like the first view. Between the Kohr’s Frozen Custard stand (left) and the cigarette stand (right) is the ice cream stand owned by a former 4th grade teacher from the Seaside Heights Elementary School – Miss Christie. She sold two specialty items that you’ll probably remember – (1) waffles and ice cream and (2) a unique treat that involved placing a rectangular slice of ice cream on top of a cone (the top of which was also shaped like a rectangle) and dipping the ice cream in chocolate and nuts. Once the chocolate and nuts hardened the finale was a tooth pick mounted maraschino cherry.



Surfing Contest Postcard

Surfing contest on the oceanfront in the vicinity of Blaine Avenue. The original Sky Ride and a sign for the Parrot Club at Casino Pier are visible in the background.

Trabant Ride @ Casino Pier

Trabant @ Casino Pier (Postcard from Lou Blazik’s Collection contributed by Lou’s granddaughter and my friend Megan Brady.)


This ad…

appeared in the April 6, 1968, edition of Amusement Business magazine.