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Men Must Wear Shirts

Rules. Much to the disappointment of the women I am sure.

Bayfront Road Project 1956-58

Photos of the bayfront road construction project between 1956-58 that created the existing clover leaf entrance ramp into Seaside Heights always fascinate me.  The project resulted in a modern highway that totally changed the appearance of the bayfront.

   From the Terry Groffie Collection

UFO in Seaside Heights

This is one of the great photographs that the late Leonard Ipri provided me when I was writing my book, but it couldn’t be included due to the page limitation guidelines I had to follow. The red, white, and blue UFO was serving as the Borough of Seaside Heights Information Center when the photo was taken.  The Information Center was located at the municipal parking lot on the west side of town between Sumner and Webster Avenues.  My grandmother, Margaret Brennan, and local resident/family friend Rita Ipri worked at the Information Center before it was closed in the late 1980s to make way for a more modern facility.  Prior to its “official” public service, the UFO was also used as a bank and as an amusement attraction in the 1970s/1980s.  I vaguely recall that the attraction was named “Jaws” (or something like that) based on the 1975 Steven Spielberg directed movie. The feature was a pool of water in the main section of the UFO that concealed a mechanical shark that popped out of the water upon unsuspecting visitors.              

Greetings From Seaside Heights

These are “Greetings From” styled postcards circa late 1960s/early 1970s (neither card is postmarked). The artwork at the border of each card depicts Jersey Shore themes.


Bay Bridge View

The bay bridge connecting Seaside Heights with Pelican Island…

Boardwalk Heroes

In the original draft of the book I included a section in the Introduction that called attention to people who I consider are “Boardwalk Heroes” – people who made long-term commitments to the Seaside Heights boardwalk and forged ahead through the good times and the occasional bad times. Regretfully, space limitations combined with the fear that I would likely spell a name wrong or worse – fail to mention a VIP altogether – caused me to scratch that idea from the book. But I’m thinking that it would be a cool project for the Centennial celebration in 2013. Anyway, here’s what I intended to include, but didn’t… “an honor roll of Boardwalk Heroes, a lineup of individuals who were instrumental in shaping the town’s special boardwalk history. Inevitably, I will forget to mention someone whose name should have appeared here, but I apologize in advance for doing so: Joseph Vanderslice, F.H. Freeman, Belle Freeman, J. Stanley Tunney, Pat Tunney, Dell and Frances Hopson, Norman Hopson, Mike Brown, Bill Major, Anthony Maruca, Domenic Maruca, Joe Maruca, Maria Maruca, Angelo Cappetta, Ed Groffie, Anthony “Sonny” Ricci, Angelo Ricci, Carmen Ricci, Tommy Ricci, Frank Mack, Jack Martin, Tom Maione, Joe Knox, Jimmy Sozio, Rosemarie Janvier, Elton Kohr, Betty Kohr, Greg Kohr, Miriam DuPont, Bruce Kohr, Tom Esposito, Jack Livingston, Harry Stock, Frank Feistel & Family, Wando and Lilly, John Verderosa, Bob Scott, Sodl Family, Fuggi Family, Jimmy “Broadway,” Joseph J. Delaney, Tony Oddo, Sam and Josephine Tedesco, Richard Chabok, Dino Panas, Fred S. Rolle, William C. Rolle, Louis Lumi, William Lumi, Richard and Mary Peterson, Anthony “Lucky” Carrozza, Philip Carrozza, Mike Graichen, Linus Gilbert, John FitzGerald, John Christopher, Kenneth Wynne Jr., Robert J. Bennett, Dr. Floyd L. Moreland, Wayne Cimorelli, Leo Whalen, Tom Whalen, Steve Whalen, Frank Sommerer, Ken Hershey, Patty Hershey, George Tompkins, Ralph Tompkins, Albert Pinelli, Joseph G. Pinelli, Sr., Pete Pascarella, Sundermann Family, George Bassinder, Anthony DiChiara, Joe Luciano, Jack Jaffe, and the Boyd Family.

Feel free to ask me to add names.

The Parrot Club

Parrot Club
This aerial view of the Parrot Club, which was located at Casino Pier, speaks for itself…

Casino Pier Fire (1965)

Greg Kohr also shared this video of the June 10, 1965 fire at Casino Pier.

Freeman’s Amusement Center Fire Video (1955)

Greg Kohr, owner of Kohr’s Original Frozen Custard on the boardwalk, obtained this video from a friend of his. Greg was nice enough to share it with his fellow volunteer firefighters. The video is a very stunning video of the June 9, 1955, Freeman’s Amusement Center Fire.

Seaside Heights Beach Patrol Photo (1950s)

Lifeguard Group Photo 1950s

I personally only recognize the three Boyd brothers in this photograph from the 1950s. Hugh J. (“Junie”) Boyd, Jr. is second from the left; Capt. John Boyd and Joseph Boyd are fifth and sixth, respectively, from the left.

Please let me know if you can identify any of the other lifeguards. I would be happy to post their names here.