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Mike Caputo On The Rings

The annual gym show is another memory that is special to many of us who went through the local school system, and demonstrated yet another way how Principal Boyd was committed to the kids. Here, Mike Caputo is shown hanging from the rings under Principal Boyd’s watch. Mike is now Chief of Police in Tuckerton Boro in the southern part of Ocean County. His parents owned local businesses in Seaside Heights while his mother also served as municipal court administrator for many years.  Mike’s younger sister Sandy and I were classmates.

I also remember the gym show included demonstrations on the ropes (a straight climb to the ceiling), the parallel bars, a pommell horse, and wooden beam.   

From the Terry Groffie Collection


If you attended the Seaside Heights Elementary School on the bayfront while Junie Boyd was principal this photo scanned from a news article will bring back a memory or two. 

From the Terry Groffie Collection

Casino Pool Diving Boards

In this photograph of people using the diving boards at the Casino Pool the elementary school is visible in the background. The school was located on property  between Sherman and Sheridan Avenues near the oceanfront and was dedicated in 1927. The red-brick building replaced the first school that was dedicated in 1915.