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Springsteen @ Fat City

I had the opportunity on September 2nd to walk through the “From Asbury Park to the Promised Land: The Life and Music of Bruce Springsteen” exhibit hosted by the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia.  As a person who enjoys the music of Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, I would describe the exhibit as nothing less than spectacular.  I have to say, however, the exhibit also unexpectedly satisfied my craving for anything to do with Seaside Heights history.  While walking past an exhibit of some old concert posters I came across an original cardboard style poster for Bruce’s three shows at Fat City in Seaside Heights during the summer of 1973.  Unfortunately, I was not permitted to take photos inside the exhibit, but I recently found the image that is pasted below (the one with the Bruce photo) of a similar poster for the Fat City shows.  The other images include two newspaper ads for the shows and a concert ticket. You will note a discrepancy concerning the location of Fat City. One item states that the bar was located on Sumner Ave. & the Boulevard (the correct location) while another item incorrectly states Hamilton Ave. & the Boulevard.  If you are a Bruce Springsteen fan I encourage you to check out a website named Brucebase (  These images and many more are hosted there. Note: The Seaside Heights shows occurred during the summer following release of “Greetings From Asbury Park” and a few months before “The Wild, the Innocent, & the E Street Shuffle” was released.


Curllie’s Business Card

Curllie’s business card…






From The Terry Groffie Collection

Kohr’s Fire 1976

I was a few months from turning 9 years old when this fire struck Kohr’s Original Custard and Whistle Stop at Franklin Avenue & Boardwalk. I remember the plectron tones waking us up, followed by the sounds of the firehouse siren blaring for what seemed like 10-15 minutes. My father ran out the door to the firehouse as my mother and I followed him onto the front steps of our home at 119 Franklin Avenue. We looked one block east toward the Boardwalk, and I remember seeing a tall ball of flames shooting into the air. My mother dressed my brother and sister and we walked with a hurried pace toward the Boardwalk. She was visibly worried about my father. We joined a group of local residents that had formed behind the police line and watched the area fire companies fight the blaze. Women and children pointed out their husbands and fathers (it was an all male fire crew back then) with a sense of relief. And I can also remember the Ladies Auxiliary staging at the fire ground and serving water and coffee.  Not as bad as the 1955 or 1965 fires for sure, but this was a bad fire nonetheless!  From The Dr. Anthony E. & Mary Ellen Vaz Collection.




The Whistle Stop

The Whistle Stop was new at its Franklin Avenue & Boardwalk location (behind Kohr’s Original Custard) when these advertisements appeared in The Review newspaper in the early 1970s. Images are from The Dr. Anthony E. & Mary Ellen Vaz Collection.


The Attic @ Good Time Charlie’s

“sTOPLESS” go-go girls on the Boulevard.


Klee’s Bar & Grill

Klee’s Bar has been an important player in the Seaside Heights bar and restaurant scene since the early 1930s and is one of those rare places “where everybody knows your name.” Original owners, Ursula and Daniel Klee, arrived in town from Philadelphia in 1913.  Sons Andrew and Henry assumed management of the business after they completed military service during World War II.  Andrew retired in the late 1960s, but Henry continued to operate the business until about 1978.  Present owners have made many improvements to the building over the years and have successfully maintained the restaurant’s family atmosphere. It is a Seaside Heights gem. I can remember that “400 Cases Cold Beer” sign as a kid, and asking myself, does somebody really count them?

  This is from the 1960s.










I’m thinking the 1980s.






Ads are from the 1970s. Images can be enlarged with your mouse.

From The Terry Groffie Collection.

1985 Seaside Heights Commercial & Raw Footage

This half hour video contains awesome film footage of Seaside Heights circa 1985. Nearly 2 hours of raw film footage was found by Peter Smith at the Seaside Heights Boro Hall and then cut into this video by Joe Verderosa of Greenrose Media.  The video includes a 1985 Seaside Heights TV commercial, great shots of the beach and boardwalk, Rainbow Rapids, Maruca’s Pizza, Razzles nightclub, Pac Man, Casino Pier, Sun-N-Fun signs, Barnegat Bay activities like crabbing, fishing, jet skiing, and power-sailing, and shots of some boardwalk concessions, the merry-go-round, Sonny’s & Rickey’s, Midway, and the rides.