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Central Avenue Photos

These two photos are from the Leonard Ipri Family Collection.  Both photos show views from Central Avenue at times when the railroad track still cut through the town. You can expand the images with your mouse (left click over each image to enlarge the photo and text box).

Railroad Station View

In order to get your bearing in this view and other Seaside Heights Railroad Station postcards and photos, remember that the Pennsylvania Railroad laid the tracks on the west side of this building. So, in this postcard  the camera lens is pointed east between Sumner Avenue (on the left) and Webster Avenue (on the right). A Dugan Bros. delivery truck is parked on the north side of the station.  Dugan Bros. – “Bakers for the Home” – sold their cakes, pies, and bread in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Railroad – New Jersey Seashore Resorts Brochure

The following images highlight the Barnegat Bay seashore resorts and were scanned from a 194-page brochure that was published in 1926 by the Pennsylvania Railroad. This is one of my most treasured and favorite Seaside Heights collectibles. Some of the establishments noted below in the advertisements are featured in my book. Photos of the St. Charles appear on pages 66 and 67; photos of the Hotel Hamilton appear on pages 67 and 68 (among other pages); and a photo of the Coast National Bank appears on page 49.