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Surfing Contest Postcard

Surfing contest on the oceanfront in the vicinity of Blaine Avenue. The original Sky Ride and a sign for the Parrot Club at Casino Pier are visible in the background.

Swayze’s Parrot Club

409 Boulevard…1940s…This “Parrot Club” establishment was on the Boulevard  before taking its place in future years on the Boardwalk near the Seaside Heights Casino. Eventually, the 409 Boulevard property burned to the ground while it was known as the Dutch Mill Inn (some of you may also remember it as the Rusty Nail) and still owned by members of the Swayze family. I personally remember that fire well. I was on an exterior hand line with fellow firefighters from the Seaside Heights Vol. Fire Company. It was a major fire that we had little chance of stopping. The old wood construction provided plenty of fuel for the fire. For geographic reference, the property is now a part of the site that includes Club Karma and Luna Rosa.  

The Parrot Club

Parrot Club
This aerial view of the Parrot Club, which was located at Casino Pier, speaks for itself…