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1963 Golden Anniversary Vacation Ad

I scanned this colorful Seaside Heights page from a 1963 NJ vacation guide that I recently acquired. Note the reference to the town’s Golden Anniversary that year.  Next year Seaside Heights celebrates the Big 100!

1962 Seaside Heights “Home Movie”

I stumbled upon this YouTube video this morning.  The footage is from someone’s personal 8mm home movie collection and was shot at the beach in Seaside Heights. It shows the old lifeguard boat, “Miss Seaside,” patrolling the ocean and there’s film of a Navy blimp flying low over the ocean toward the Casino Pier. This is a must watch video and is worth the 2:41 minutes of your life!  (7/11/11) Note: Ken, whose father shot this film, sent me an e-mail today to let me know that the footage was actually taken in 1962, not 1961. It is awesome nonetheless!  

Miss Seaside Bay Cruise Article

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From the Terry Groffie Collection

More Miss Seaside









From the Terry Groffie Collection

Advertisement for the Miss Seaside

From the Terry Groffie Collection

The Miss Seaside

Daily and Moonlite Bay Cruises on the Miss Seaside…

From the Terry Groffie Collection