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Casino Pier At Night

I think I have mentioned on this blog before that ever since Harry Smith (Jr.) got me hooked on collecting postcards four years ago I’ve amassed a lot of what is available out there – probably about 700 vintage Seaside Heights postcards. Thus, when I attend postcard and collectible shows these days, it’s not easy turning up postcards that I haven’t already purchased. But every now and then, like this past week, I get lucky and find something that I haven’t seen before. Here they are…four new postcards…recently purchased from an international postcard dealer. I especially like the first view. Between the Kohr’s Frozen Custard stand (left) and the cigarette stand (right) is the ice cream stand owned by a former 4th grade teacher from the Seaside Heights Elementary School – Miss Christie. She sold two specialty items that you’ll probably remember – (1) waffles and ice cream and (2) a unique treat that involved placing a rectangular slice of ice cream on top of a cone (the top of which was also shaped like a rectangle) and dipping the ice cream in chocolate and nuts. Once the chocolate and nuts hardened the finale was a tooth pick mounted maraschino cherry.