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1963 Golden Anniversary Vacation Ad

I scanned this colorful Seaside Heights page from a 1963 NJ vacation guide that I recently acquired. Note the reference to the town’s Golden Anniversary that year.  Next year Seaside Heights celebrates the Big 100!

1985 Seaside Heights Commercial & Raw Footage

This half hour video contains awesome film footage of Seaside Heights circa 1985. Nearly 2 hours of raw film footage was found by Peter Smith at the Seaside Heights Boro Hall and then cut into this video by Joe Verderosa of Greenrose Media.  The video includes a 1985 Seaside Heights TV commercial, great shots of the beach and boardwalk, Rainbow Rapids, Maruca’s Pizza, Razzles nightclub, Pac Man, Casino Pier, Sun-N-Fun signs, Barnegat Bay activities like crabbing, fishing, jet skiing, and power-sailing, and shots of some boardwalk concessions, the merry-go-round, Sonny’s & Rickey’s, Midway, and the rides.

Lifeguards & Beach Beauties

Lifeguards and the girls of summer are as much a part of the Seaside Heights summer scene as merry-go-rounds and Kohr’s ice cream!

From The Collection of Dr. Anthony E. & Mary Ellen Vaz

The Real Jersey Shore

The real Jersey Shore is about family and friends, tradition, the beach and boardwalk, and simple joys…


   Postmarked in 1933.


   Postmarked in 1932.

   Postmarked in 1928. 
   It is about the Boardwalk.

   It is about the beach.

  Here, lifeguards are protecting bathers.

1962 Seaside Heights “Home Movie”

I stumbled upon this YouTube video this morning.  The footage is from someone’s personal 8mm home movie collection and was shot at the beach in Seaside Heights. It shows the old lifeguard boat, “Miss Seaside,” patrolling the ocean and there’s film of a Navy blimp flying low over the ocean toward the Casino Pier. This is a must watch video and is worth the 2:41 minutes of your life!  (7/11/11) Note: Ken, whose father shot this film, sent me an e-mail today to let me know that the footage was actually taken in 1962, not 1961. It is awesome nonetheless!  

Surfing Contest Postcard

Surfing contest on the oceanfront in the vicinity of Blaine Avenue. The original Sky Ride and a sign for the Parrot Club at Casino Pier are visible in the background.

Old Lifeguard Headquarters

There are many reasons why I love this postcard…first – the old lifeguard headquarters on Sumner Ave. and memories of the great lifeguard teams led by Capt. John Boyd and Capt. Hugh “Junie” Boyd…second – if you magnify this view with your mouse you can see how Ocean Terrace ended at the Casino Pier building forcing traffic to turn left…third – memories of the Bluebird beach attendants…and lastly, the beach is packed with people!            

Lifeguard Boat Beach Scene

At first glance this photo looks like it could have been shot just last summer, but the hair styles and bathing suits are clues that this postcard was published decades ago. In fact, the card was postmarked in Seaside Heights on August 4, 1964 (before the big fire in 1965).

Casino Pier at Night


Another Tourism Brochure

Here’s another tourism brochure. Also, if you search back to April 2010 you will find a vintage tourism brochure that was published by the Central Committee of the Barnegat Bay Boards of Trade. Use your mouse to enlarge each view.