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Strand Skilo

There were numerous Skilo establishments on the Boardwalk over the years.  This is a photo of Strand Skilo that was located on the South End just past the Seaside Heights/Seaside Park boundary.

Amusement Center

Postmarked on August 5, 1965, this postcard shows a birdseye view of the Amusement Center.

Funtown U.S.A. Circa 1955-60

This postcard is unused so there is no postmark to help pinpoint the year the photos were taken. However, if you watch the Freeman’s Amusement Center Fire video you can see the rides featured in the bottom photo at the end of the video in scenes showing the post-fire reconstruction.  That makes me think that the bottom photo was likely shot at least two months following the June 1955 fire and maybe within the following two or three year period. If you magnify the postcard you can also see a sign for Beachcomber Bar.

Freeman’s Amusements and Funtown USA Views

The first postcard was mailed from Seaside Heights on September 8, 1964. Evelyn wrote to Mr. & Mrs. B. Wood in Fair Lawn, NJ: “This is a real lazy life. How have you been? If you take a ride down the address is 220 Sampson Ave. Regards from all.”  The south facing view shows Freeman’s Amusement Center before the June 9, 1955, fire.

The second postcard was postmarked in 1968 and shows the new Funtown USA that was built after the fire. Both postcards may be enlarged by clicking your mouse over the image.


Terry Groffie News Article 1995

I knew that I had a copy of this article somewhere in my boxes. I just needed a little patience and time to find it. The article says a lot about Terry and emphasizes his connection to the Tunney family – by virtue of his status as a grandson of former Mayor J. Stanley Tunney – and his passion for Seaside Heights and its history. The article appeared in the August 31, 1995, issue of The Review. Use your mouse to enlarge the article on your monitor.

T Groffie Article

Christmas 1945

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…1945 style.

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Danceland opened in 1922 (see  my book at pages 84-86 for Danceland history). Danceland and the stores and eateries on the building’s first floor were evidence of the success of the carousel that was located directly across the boardwalk at Freeman’s Amusement Center. A vision of what Seaside Heights would become quickly too shape.