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Hurricane Sandy Auction – I Am Adding Items

Over the weekend I am adding a few items to the existing auction. Click here for the link to my EBay auction. I’ve donated the items, so all proceeds (every nickel) will benefit First Lady Mary Pat Christie’s “Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund.” Thanks to those who have bid and will bid!

Added today 11/17/2012. The ride ticket is from The Terry Groffie Collection. “T-A-G” Amusements was owned by Terry’s father,  Ed Groffie, and former Mayor William Pat Tunney. 

The Beach Boys – Tunney, Groffie, Kehoe, Luciano & Palermo

Occasionally, a little luck finds its way to me.  I recently purchased this edition of Amusement Business magazine solely because it was published in 1967 – the year I was born (I was two months old when this edition was published).  But as I was flipping through the pages today I came across these two photos captioned “Beach Boys” –  and I was simply amazed!  You can enlarge the photos with your mouse.

Ocean Skilo

Ocean Skilo was located on the Boardwalk at Stockton Avenue in Seaside Park – W.A. & W.H. Stock Amusements. This postcard shows the interior of Ocean Skilo and was published by John S. Conover of Seaside Park.

Freeman’s Amusements

Lincoln Ave. & Boardwalk looking toward Freeman’s Amusement Center


The Real Jersey Shore

The real Jersey Shore is about family and friends, tradition, the beach and boardwalk, and simple joys…


   Postmarked in 1933.


   Postmarked in 1932.

   Postmarked in 1928. 
   It is about the Boardwalk.

   It is about the beach.

  Here, lifeguards are protecting bathers.

1915/1920 Aerial Photo Series (#3)

Photo #3.

1915/1920 Aerial Photo Series (#1)

The following aerial images were extracted from a photograph that was provided to me by Dr. Floyd Moreland of the Magical Carousel Shoppe on the Boardwalk.  The photo is a very special historical document.  I’ve dated the photo to approximately 1915-1920.  It’s possible, if not likely, that the photo was taken by a passing blimp stationed at Cape May and possibly even Lakehurst. If you magnify the image you will see awesome detail of the town at a very early time in its history.  The town north of Hancock Avenue was nothing more than mosquito infested marshland and sand dunes.  The bay met the town on the southwest at Porter Avenue and on the west side of town along Bay Avenue.  You should be able to magnify this set of photos at least once before the photos become a blur of pixels.  I added street names as a reference.

Strand Skilo

There were numerous Skilo establishments on the Boardwalk over the years.  This is a photo of Strand Skilo that was located on the South End just past the Seaside Heights/Seaside Park boundary.

Amusement Center

Postmarked on August 5, 1965, this postcard shows a birdseye view of the Amusement Center.

Funtown U.S.A. Circa 1955-60

This postcard is unused so there is no postmark to help pinpoint the year the photos were taken. However, if you watch the Freeman’s Amusement Center Fire video you can see the rides featured in the bottom photo at the end of the video in scenes showing the post-fire reconstruction.  That makes me think that the bottom photo was likely shot at least two months following the June 1955 fire and maybe within the following two or three year period. If you magnify the postcard you can also see a sign for Beachcomber Bar.