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Freeman’s Amusements and Funtown USA Views

The first postcard was mailed from Seaside Heights on September 8, 1964. Evelyn wrote to Mr. & Mrs. B. Wood in Fair Lawn, NJ: “This is a real lazy life. How have you been? If you take a ride down the address is 220 Sampson Ave. Regards from all.”  The south facing view shows Freeman’s Amusement Center before the June 9, 1955, fire.

The second postcard was postmarked in 1968 and shows the new Funtown USA that was built after the fire. Both postcards may be enlarged by clicking your mouse over the image.


Christmas 1945

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year…1945 style.

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Freeman’s Amusement Center At Night

These postcards colorfully show Freeman’s Amusement Center at night from opposite ends of the boardwalk. The first view depicts a bustling Freeman’s Amusement Center facing south toward Strand Baths with the former Danceland building occupying the right side of the card. A similar, but older, view appears in my book on page 86 (top). The second postcard is a view facing north toward the carousel building. The two-story structure that housed Danceland is on the left side of the card behind the Ferris wheel. Compare with the postcard on page 88 (bottom) of my book.


Aerial Views of Freeman’s Amusement Center

Both of these postcards were published by Belle Freeman in Seaside Heights. If you look closely you will observe that the Amusement Center layout changes slightly from the first (earlier) view to the second (later) view. Also, in the first postcard you can find with a magnifying glass the Strand Theatre, Skee-Ball Alleys, Casper’s Pavilion, Seaside Heights Casino (before the salt water pool was constructed), and the Seaside Heights Elementary School.


Miniature Golf

This postcard was published by F.H. Freeman in Seaside Heights. The scene highlights the miniature golf course opposite the Amusement Center and bath house.

Freeman’s Carousel and Baths

This scene was published by Belle Freeman and shows the carousel building that housed Haag’s food concession (for ice cream and frankfurters among other treats) and the bath house.

Baby Parade at Amusement Center

This postcard was published by P. Sander in Philadelphia, PA & Atlantic City, NJ. The card was mailed out of Seaside Heights to Baltimore, MD on July 29, 1930.