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Sodl’s Waffles & Ice Cream

Sodl’s was a fixture on the Boardwalk for many years and helped make Waffles & Ice Cream famous.  If you walked past Sodl’s anytime during the day and night you could smell hot waffles toasting. My grandmother Margaret Brennan worked at Sodl’s as a cashier.  I also have fond memories of the Casadonte brothers, David and Donald, who worked the cigarette and candy stands in front of Lucky’s Fascination for their grandfather Anthony “Lucky” Carrozza, sending me to Sodl’s each morning during the summer months to pick up breakfast. I was a young kid then – I think I started out when I was about 11 years old. The standard order was coffee and pork roll and cheese sandwiches. It was part of my every day summer routine – pick up breakfast from Sodl’s, go down to the stock room and bring up boxes of cigarettes and candy and toys for the Casadontes, and then fold bags of towels for Steve or Timmy who worked next door at Mike Graichen’s towel and comforter stand. This was followed by about an hour of Fascination – my all time favorite Boardwalk game.