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Seaside Court Motel Part 2

These two photos from the “Terry Groffie Collection” give a different visual perspective of the Seaside Court Motel. In the first photo taken along Ocean Terrace facing north, you can see the second story addition to the motel, the El Conquistidor Condominiums (background), and the Wine Cellar Bar (right). The second photo shows the demolition work being performed, I think, sometime in 1994.

Seaside Court Motel

Here’s another recent collectibles show find.  The Seaside Court Motel was located on the ocean front at the corner of Sampson Avenue and Ocean Terrace.  The motel contained 2-3 room efficiency apartments with hot water showers!  The El Conquistidor Condominium complex was built behind the motel (on Hiering Avenue). Later in the motel’s history a second story was added to both wings, but the motel was eventually torn down.