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Crabbing and Fishing

Crabbing is one of my favorite hobbies and is a favorite pastime of many visitors to Seaside Heights.  Put a piece of bunker or chicken (I’ve seen people use hot dogs too) on the end of a line or in a crab pot and wait patiently to catch the scavenging Barnegat Bay blue claws!       

The next view shows the public dock that was located between Hamilton and Franklin Avenues before the State’s highway project filled in most of the area that is seen in the postcard. The name “J.S. Tunney” is visible on the bottom left side of the postcard.  “J.S. Tunney,” of course, was former Mayor J. Stanley Tunney.

The next view shows the old bridge behind the crabbing boats.


These vintage postcards of rowboats at the bayfront are filled with vibrant colors.  I had contemplated including both of these cards in my book, but I left them out so that I could share them in color one day.

Bay Front…Continued

The bay front offered many recreational activities – bathing, boating, crabbing, fishing, water skiiing and plunging down the slide that was located between Hamilton and Franklin Avenues. (You can expand these postcard views with a left-click of your mouse.)