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Central Avenue Photos

These two photos are from the Leonard Ipri Family Collection.  Both photos show views from Central Avenue at times when the railroad track still cut through the town. You can expand the images with your mouse (left click over each image to enlarge the photo and text box).

Casino Pool at Sunset

Acquired this at a collectibles show today. It immediately caught my attention as I was fingering through boxes of vintage postcards.  It brings me great joy when I find a postcard that I don’t already have in my collection. The spectators seem to be gazing at the sunset while they reflect on the day’s activities.  Whether dusk follows a day of fun on the ocean or bay beaches or perhaps an afternoon out on the open water in a boat, a summer sunset in Seaside Heights can be most memorable! 

Casino Pool & Pier Parking Ticket

There was a time many years ago when you could park your car in town for 75 cents, but it looks like the parking charge was $2.00 when this receipt was used.

Splashdown and Banzai

The Splashdown waterslide was added as an attraction at the Casino Pool. The pool was removed around 1986 to make way for Water Works which had 9 water slides, numerous smaller pools, and the Lazy River.