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Hurricane Sandy – Seaside Heights “The Day After”

I filmed this early in the afternoon on the day after the hurricane made landfall. The weather was cold and windy, and water still filled most streets in Seaside Heights.

Bayfront Road Project 1956-58

Photos of the bayfront road construction project between 1956-58 that created the existing clover leaf entrance ramp into Seaside Heights always fascinate me.  The project resulted in a modern highway that totally changed the appearance of the bayfront.

   From the Terry Groffie Collection

Sunset Island

The original development plan for Sunset Island (before the island was known as Pelican Island) included the construction of an airstrip on the sedge island immediately north of Sunset Island.  The concept plan also included a second bridge leading into and out of Seaside Heights. The second bridge was envisioned to start at the foot of Grant Avenue and cut across the sedge island to Sunset Island. Most of us grew up hearing about this plan from grandparents and aunts or uncles.  I read about the plan when I was researching for the book, but this postcard shows the plan from a great visual perspective. 

Crabbing and Fishing

Crabbing is one of my favorite hobbies and is a favorite pastime of many visitors to Seaside Heights.  Put a piece of bunker or chicken (I’ve seen people use hot dogs too) on the end of a line or in a crab pot and wait patiently to catch the scavenging Barnegat Bay blue claws!       

The next view shows the public dock that was located between Hamilton and Franklin Avenues before the State’s highway project filled in most of the area that is seen in the postcard. The name “J.S. Tunney” is visible on the bottom left side of the postcard.  “J.S. Tunney,” of course, was former Mayor J. Stanley Tunney.

The next view shows the old bridge behind the crabbing boats.

Fishing Steamer “Ariella”

This view card showing the Ariella was published by local businessman A. Carl Haag and was mailed by Ben Mathis of Island Heights to Pauline Berry in Tuckerton, NJ.  The postmark date on the reverse side of the card is smudged but looks like it’s either September 7, 1914 or September 7, 1916.  The wood plank bridge behind the boat was open to the public in 1915, so the 1914-1916 time period appears to be accurate.  The bridge was located at the end of Hamilton Avenue on the bayfront.  A different view of the Ariella is shown on page 15 of my book.

Bay Bridge View

The bay bridge connecting Seaside Heights with Pelican Island…