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1963 Golden Anniversary Vacation Ad

I scanned this colorful Seaside Heights page from a 1963 NJ vacation guide that I recently acquired. Note the reference to the town’s Golden Anniversary that year.  Next year Seaside Heights celebrates the Big 100!

Mike Caputo On The Rings

The annual gym show is another memory that is special to many of us who went through the local school system, and demonstrated yet another way how Principal Boyd was committed to the kids. Here, Mike Caputo is shown hanging from the rings under Principal Boyd’s watch. Mike is now Chief of Police in Tuckerton Boro in the southern part of Ocean County. His parents owned local businesses in Seaside Heights while his mother also served as municipal court administrator for many years.  Mike’s younger sister Sandy and I were classmates.

I also remember the gym show included demonstrations on the ropes (a straight climb to the ceiling), the parallel bars, a pommell horse, and wooden beam.   

From the Terry Groffie Collection


If you attended the Seaside Heights Elementary School on the bayfront while Junie Boyd was principal this photo scanned from a news article will bring back a memory or two. 

From the Terry Groffie Collection

Sunset Island

The original development plan for Sunset Island (before the island was known as Pelican Island) included the construction of an airstrip on the sedge island immediately north of Sunset Island.  The concept plan also included a second bridge leading into and out of Seaside Heights. The second bridge was envisioned to start at the foot of Grant Avenue and cut across the sedge island to Sunset Island. Most of us grew up hearing about this plan from grandparents and aunts or uncles.  I read about the plan when I was researching for the book, but this postcard shows the plan from a great visual perspective. 

1962 Seaside Heights “Home Movie”

I stumbled upon this YouTube video this morning.  The footage is from someone’s personal 8mm home movie collection and was shot at the beach in Seaside Heights. It shows the old lifeguard boat, “Miss Seaside,” patrolling the ocean and there’s film of a Navy blimp flying low over the ocean toward the Casino Pier. This is a must watch video and is worth the 2:41 minutes of your life!  (7/11/11) Note: Ken, whose father shot this film, sent me an e-mail today to let me know that the footage was actually taken in 1962, not 1961. It is awesome nonetheless!  

Heights Police Child Safety Program 1972

Old Lifeguard Headquarters

There are many reasons why I love this postcard…first – the old lifeguard headquarters on Sumner Ave. and memories of the great lifeguard teams led by Capt. John Boyd and Capt. Hugh “Junie” Boyd…second – if you magnify this view with your mouse you can see how Ocean Terrace ended at the Casino Pier building forcing traffic to turn left…third – memories of the Bluebird beach attendants…and lastly, the beach is packed with people!            

Hugh J. Boyd, Sr. Death Announcement

I was looking through some microfilm yesterday for a friend of mine in search of a 1960 news article about her father’s graduation at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot at Parris Island, SC. I found that article and in the course of going through the 1958 to 1960 microfilm reel I also came across two other interesting news articles. The first article confirms that the Boyd family’s relationship with Seaside Heights is nearly 90 years old.  Hugh J. Boyd, Sr., of Erlton, NJ had a summer home located at 46 Franklin Avenue since 1923. He was an engineer with Remington & Boyd which served as municipal engineers to a number of Ocean County towns including Seaside Heights and Seaside Park. He also served as a Seaside Heights councilman from 1935-1940.