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Funtown USA 1968 Amusement Business Photo

This is a b/w night shot of Funtown USA from a page of the February 3, 1968, edition of Amusement Business magazine.

Big Eli Photos – Late 1950s

The larger No. 16 “Aristocrat” model Big Eli Wheel (left) was purchased by Tunney & Groffie in 1957. The wheel carried 672 25-watt lamps, with the outside circle white, 8-point star red, center circle yellow, and the center circle white, and  could be seen for miles in the evening.  Seats were standard red and green.  The No. 12 Big Eli Wheel (right) was an older model owned by Rundle & Tunney.      





From the Terry Groffie Collection

Big Eli Wheels @ Funtown 1961

A 1961 edition…












From the Terry Groffie Collection

Big Eli Wheels @ Funtown 1958

Big Eli News was published by the Eli Bridge Company, manufacturer of numerous versions of the Big Eli wheel.

In this configuration the two wheels are side by side at Funtown U.S.A.

From the Terry Groffie Collection