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Aztec Oceanfront Motel

The matchbook and postcards, showing views from the early 1980s, successfully convey all of the Aztec Motel’s best qualities: luxurious accomodations, adjacent to the famous Casino Pier, the convenience of an onsite restaurant and lounge, private pool, and the beach and Boardwalk right out front. I haven’t personally watched the MTV show Jersey Shore, but I’m told that some members of the cast enjoyed spending time at the Aztec Bar. Click here for the motel’s website and some modern photographs showing the improvements that the new management has made. The motel is now known as the Aztec Ocean Resort. Try the Seaside Crab House on the premises. I’ve eaten there and recommend it!          


Coral Sands (Golden Nugget) Motel

The first view was postmarked in 1964 and features the Golden Nugget Motel located at 1010 Boulevard. The reverse side of the postcard indicates that the motel was named the Heights Motel, but by 1964 it had been renamed the Golden Nugget Motel. Someone – perhaps “Larry and Barb” who mailed the postcard to friends residing in Rahway, NJ – noted with a pen the location of the motel’s pool because the pool hadn’t been constructed yet when the scene was photographed. Also, the St. Charles Hotel – one of the town’s earliest rooming houses – is visible in the background on a Sheridan Avenue lot behind the Golden Nugget.  

With pool…

Another name change. Coral Sands Motel.  Click here for the Coral Sands’ website with modern photographs.

Martha’s Lincoln Villa

Martha’s Lincoln Villa was located at 22-24 Lincoln Avenue. The advertisement on the reverse side of the postcard states: “A modern, up to date villa with excellent accomodations located just 100 yards from boardwalk, ocean and beach.”

Stelzle’s Maple House

The rooming house known as Stelzle’s shown in this postcard, located at the northeast corner of Lincoln Ave. & E. Central Ave.,  was lost to fire within the past few years. A townhouse fills the lot today.

Sand and Surf Motel

James Colicchio owned the Sand and Surf Motel when this photograph was taken. The motel offered two and four room efficiency apartments and single rooms.  A simple and tranquil rooming house at that time, the motel offered oceanfront views and access that few other Seaside Heights motels could claim. Today the motel is owned by Jeffrey and Kenneth Bowden and has undergone major renovations. The motel is located on the Boardwalk at Fremont Ave. and is only steps away from the MTV Jersey Shore house. Click here for their website and some modern photographs.    

Hopson’s Ocean Glow Motel

Matchbook and interior view of  rooms at Corky Hopson’s Ocean Glow Motel on the Boardwalk at Hancock Ave.  An exterior view is included on page 72 of my book.  The Ocean Glow Motel was demolished during spring 2012.      



Wilson’s “3 in 1 Seaside Homes”

If you drive by 46 Dupont Ave. today you will find that the two-story duplex situated at the front of the lot in this postcard is no longer there.  However, the small cottage remains standing at the rear of the property.