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Funtown USA 1968 Amusement Business Photo

This is a b/w night shot of Funtown USA from a page of the February 3, 1968, edition of Amusement Business magazine.

Skee-Ball Illegal

While researching and writing for the film documentary over the weekend, I came across the comic strip in the third image below.  It’s hard to believe that skee-ball (a/k/a skee roll, ski-ball) and other boardwalk amusement games such as skilo, fascination, and stop-and-go were once illegal in New Jersey (1956-1959).  There were even Boardwalk raids and arrests and indictments!  Seems so ridiculous now, but it was a very dark period for Seaside Heights and other amusement places in New Jersey.  The story will be told in the film with exciting detail by two local businessmen who lived through it… 

  This photo is from Amusement Business Magazine.



News article and comic strip from the Terry Groffie Collection.

The Beach Boys – Tunney, Groffie, Kehoe, Luciano & Palermo

Occasionally, a little luck finds its way to me.  I recently purchased this edition of Amusement Business magazine solely because it was published in 1967 – the year I was born (I was two months old when this edition was published).  But as I was flipping through the pages today I came across these two photos captioned “Beach Boys” –  and I was simply amazed!  You can enlarge the photos with your mouse.

Double Ferris Wheel

I have to admit…I don’t remember this ride. I’ve tried, but I was only 4 years old when this photo appeared in the Review. Looks like a lot of fun though! I will dig through old copies of Amusement Business Magazine to see if there are any mentions of this ride – like what it’s really called (I made up “double ferris wheel”). Some of my “slightly older” friends from Seaside Heights may know.

Update (7/14/2011): Don W.  did a quick Google search. It’s called a Sky Wheel by the Wichita by Chance Manufacturing Company. These links get you to various YouTube videos showing similar double ferris wheels in action. Thanks Don!

From the Terry Groffie Collection

W. Cimorelli and the Gaming Law Battle of the 1980s

Wayne Cimorelli helped lead the fight to change the gaming laws in the early 1980s.  This Amusement Business Magazine article is nearly 30 years old and summarizes the battle successfully fought by Wayne and other New Jersey game operators. Wayne’s commitment to the Seaside Heights business community continues to this day and he can often be found walking the Boardwalk keeping an eye on his family arcade (Coin Castle) and restaurant (Spicy) helping shape the vision for the Boardwalk’s future.

This particular issue of Amusement Business Magazine was loaned to me by my friend Kim Samarelli. Thanks Kim!

Casino Fishing Pier After The Fire

From the November 6, 1965, edition of Amusement Business Magazine…The fire referenced in the article is the June 10, 1965, fire. Click your mouse with the cursor over the image to expand the article.

Bob Bennett and the Sonic Blaster

This article appeared in the December 3, 1966, edition of Amusement Business magazine. Sonic Blaster toy guns – resembling military bazooka rocket launchers – were purchased by Boardwalk businessmen Bob Bennett and Carmen Ricci and brought to Seaside Heights after Mattel withdrew the guns from the general market. According to the article, the toy guns were a hot item during the summer of 1966. Also, if you look closely you’ll see the Bozo Drop stand in the background. Click your mouse with the cursor over the image to enlarge the article.  

Trabant Ride @ Casino Pier

Trabant @ Casino Pier (Postcard from Lou Blazik’s Collection contributed by Lou’s granddaughter and my friend Megan Brady.)


This ad…

appeared in the April 6, 1968, edition of Amusement Business magazine.

1968 Night View & Swiss Bob From AB Magazine

The following two posts are from the July 27, 1968, issue of Billboard’s “Amusement Business” weekly magazine. The magazine was a trade publication for amusement industry insiders. The first photo shows page 5 of the issue. The photo is a south facing evening view of the Seaside Heights boardwalk. The photo on the bottom right of page 5 features Edy Meier’s Swiss Bob ride that was located at Casino Pier. You can enlarge the photo with your mouse.

Amusement Business Magazine Ken Wynne Article (9-28-1963)

Amusement Business magazine was an amusement industry insider publication published by Billboard. The magazine is no longer published but old copies can often be found at paper collectible shows. In the September 28, 1963 edition, the following article appeared featuring Casino Pier operators John Fitzgerald and his son-in-law, Kenneth Wynne Jr. Click on the image to enlarge it.