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40 and 8 Registration Form

40 & 8 Parade

The annual 40 & 8 convention in Seaside Heights included a promenade of parade trains along the Boulevard. This event was a favorite of children who lined the Boulevard waiting for members of the many 40 & 8 groups to throw candy from their trains and box cars. Formally known as “La Société des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux,” the title “40 & 8” comes from the box cars that were used during the First World War to transport troops to the front in France. Each car had the emblem 40/8 stenciled on the sides, which meant that it could carry 40 men or 8 horses. These cars were known as forty-and-eights. They were seen by the troops as a miserable way to travel, and this organization of United States armed forces was thus called the 40&8 in an attempt to make some light of the common misery they had all shared. These views are from the early 1970s.