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Hello friends.  Welcome to Down By The Seaside.  I created this blog to share the many postcards and photographs that I could not include in my Seaside Heights Postcard History Series book that was published by Arcadia Publishing in 2010.  Because you are visiting my blog and reading this, I will assume that you love Seaside Heights as much as I do. This means that you probably enjoy playing in the ocean, collecting seashells (and maybe painting them for decoration), eating Boardwalk pizza and cheese steaks, crabbing and fishing along the bayfront, and spending breezy nights on the Casino Pier and Funtown amusement piers.  And I’m sure that most of you have enjoyed the simple joy of riding the Boardwalk’s two carousels.

The first thing you should know about this blog is that I try very hard to update it several times a week.  I have many  postcards and photographs to share, most of which are part of my personal collection, while other postcards and photographs have been shared with me by very special people who care about preserving the history of Seaside Heights.

Second, the links on the side of the home page to websites for local businesses are there because I’ve chosen them to be there. None of the businesses pay any form of advertising fee.  I personally know most of the owners and managers of these businesses, and by linking my blog to their websites I am giving them my support, small as it may be.  It’s not easy owning a seasonal shore business, especially in this economy, but despite the odds and the requisite hard work these owners continue to have faith in Seaside Heights.  I hope you will consider patronizing their businesses when you visit Seaside Heights.

Lastly, the best way to use this blog is to submit your e-mail address to receive notice of blog updates.  However, you can browse the blog by entering key words into the search menu or by using the Tags located at the bottom of the right column.  Or you can use the Archives drop down menu and search the blog by month and year.  Also, you should see at the bottom of each page arrows that give you the option to move to older or recent posts.

So…please enjoy my blog and stop back often.  You can get in touch with me through the e-mail address at the Contact Me page.

All content in this blog (Copyright) 2010-2012. Christopher J. Vaz. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. Rick Ferreira

    Nice!!! Love it, way to go!

  2. Very nice blog you have. Seaside Heights surely must have been a magical place in the 1960s and 1970s.

    I have a distant connection to Seaside Heights although I’ve never lived there. I thoroughly enjoy your postcards and the whole website.


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