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Re-Entry Update 11/11/12

From the town’s official web site this afternoon:

After tireless efforts and planning, I am happy to let you know that we are making an attempt to allow certain private vehicles into Seaside Heights starting tomorrow, November 12. Please, I must stress that if we do not get massive cooperation, this plan will be ended as soon as it was started. Starting tomorrow, any Seaside Heights property owner as well as all of those residents who were scheduled for the bus on Monday may go directly in to town with their own vehicles between the hours of 8am and 3pm. Be sure to bring identification, and you may also bring a friend, contractor, insurance adjuster or other person(s) who may be helpful, in the same vehicle.

While in town, you must only stay at your own property. There will be no access to the beach or boardwalk, and you may not leave town. Attempting to enter Ortley Beach or Seaside Park will subject you to arrest. There is a temporary speed limit in town of 5 miles per hour and you must consider every intersection a 4 way stop. There are no traffic signals operating and many of the street signs are missing or mis-directed. Again, please show respect and consideration while in town so that this program can continue and everyone can start the re-building process. The curfew of 3pm will be strictly enforced and everyone must leave town by that time.


Mayor Bill Akers


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  1. Excellent 🙂 Lets come back bigger and better!

  2. Donna Pilar-DiFalco

    My heart goes out to all the residents of the Jersey shore. I spent every summer with my grandparents in Ortley Beach and through the years worked on the boardwalk and boulevard. One or two of those summers so long ago, I worked for Aggie Polhemus when she owned the food concession inside the Casino Arcade. In 1961, I won the 7th annual Miss Seaside Beauty Pageant. After seeing the devastation, I took out the two newspaper cllippings of the pageant and one of them there’s a photo of the then Mayor Tunney and I. I have such wonderful memories of Seaside Heights that I’ll cherish always. It was a blessing that I got to walk the Seaside boardwalk last summer and it’s sad to know that it will never be as I remembered for so many many years. Oddly enough, my teenage grandson who lives in Silverton, walked his dog and took video on the boardwalk two weeks before Hurricane Sandy . When he posted it on Facebook, I cried while watching it. I’ll cherish that video forever just as I do the pics I have from the 60s of my beloved Seaside Heights. I pray for a quick, unhindered recovery and ask that He blesses you all with strength, endurance and patience. Again, I’m so sorry for your losses.

  3. I have been devastated by the happenings of the Jersey shore from the hurricane. My family purchased a house on Carteret Ave. in 1964 when I was 8 years old, and I spent the entire summer down there from the day I got out of school till the day I went back to school. Hanging on the casino pier in front of the Himalaya in the 70’s……so many memories…I just got the same house back one year ago, almost from the date of the hurricane. I was overjoyed to be back to the beginning… Sooooo sad for me… We are going to start gutting the house this weekend, as i am sure everyone else is…And can’t wait till NEXT SUMMER !!!


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