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U.S. Bobsled Team Tryout

As millions of people from all over the world watch the summer Olympics broadcast from London, I thought I would share these photos with my “Down by the Seaside” friends.  The U.S. Bobsled Team held preliminary tryouts between May and October during the mid-1990s in 25 American cities, including Seaside Heights.  Then-Governor Christine Whitman even gave it a shot, and finished at the top in the 40- to 49-year-old age group in July 1996.  The previous summer, in August 1995, former University of South Carolina outfielder, Jason Dorsey, pushed the 340-pound fiberglass sled 25 meters in 3.63 seconds (in his sandals), and five months later Jason’s 4-man team won a bronze medal at the World Cup in Cortina, Italy. You can enlarge the images with your mouse. Note Joe Camel in the background. Remember Joe and all the controversy he created?


From The Terry Groffie Collection


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