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Aztec – 41 Years Young

The Aztec Ocean Resort is celebrating 41 years in business next month.  Here are some news articles from spring of 1971. You can enlarge the thumbnail images with your mouse.



Images are from The Terry Groffie Collection

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  1. Andy Windisch

    Thanks, great articles! Nails down the opening of Aztec, the approx. years of the Parrot Club, and the Swayze connection between the two which I didn’t know about. Odd the article said Parrot Club was razed to make room for the Aztec – weren’t the sites actually caddy-corner to each other at Boardwalk & Sherman?

    • That is an interesting mention in the article. The only thing I can think of is that the writer didn’t intend the reference to “make room for the new complex” to have a meaning in the physical/geographic sense. Also, the “new complex” could have referred to improvements at the Casino Pier site rather than the new Aztec complex. I’ll have to ask a Swayze family member.

  2. These are great clippings! I love the Aztec; a cool building, truly one of a kind in the ‘Heights!

  3. I am also celebrating 41 years in business this Spring! Go Spring 1971!!


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