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Fr. Coen & OLPH Church

If you attended mass at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in the 1970s and early 1980s you will remember Pastor Bernard “Barney” Coen who memorably finished each of his sermons with the line “THAT’S the story.”  I served many years as an altar boy for Fr. Coen side by side with Greg Graichen (now deceased), Rich Chabok, and John Testa (who was recently ordained into the priesthood).  You may also remember that Fr. Coen owned a big ol’ English bulldog named Hefty that he kept in the doghouse next to the rectory – two dogs actually, Hefty I and then Hefty II after Hefty I passed away.  But do you remember the Hefty “piggybanks” that Fr. Coen gave as gifts to friends?  The plastic banks were molded in Hefty’s likeness and I think the dog was even wearing a football helmut.

 A kind man HE was…yet, he gave me this photo in a graduation card thanking ME for my kindness.   



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