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Skee-Ball Illegal

While researching and writing for the film documentary over the weekend, I came across the comic strip in the third image below.  It’s hard to believe that skee-ball (a/k/a skee roll, ski-ball) and other boardwalk amusement games such as skilo, fascination, and stop-and-go were once illegal in New Jersey (1956-1959).  There were even Boardwalk raids and arrests and indictments!  Seems so ridiculous now, but it was a very dark period for Seaside Heights and other amusement places in New Jersey.  The story will be told in the film with exciting detail by two local businessmen who lived through it… 

  This photo is from Amusement Business Magazine.



News article and comic strip from the Terry Groffie Collection.


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  1. As always, thanks for a great post. Back in the last 60’s, my mom and I enjoyed many a roll of the famous skee ball. It was a great game that could involve both kids and parents. I turned my tickets in for many a plastic soldier, whistle or some other small item that I don’t recall ever meant too much. We really just played for the fun of the game. Mom against sonny boy. After all, it would take HUNDREDS of points to win something as silly as an ash tray, so you’d better just be playing for fun. Mom and I would often play some roof top mini golf (mom once sent a ball over the fence onto the street!) and then play some skee ball afterward. As a teenager though, I think I spent the majority of my allowance on albums (25¢ a chance) and of course quite a few bucks to keep our candy supply well stocked. Pinball too, of COURSE! I loved the old machines where you had to push the plunger in to bring the ball up. It seems like it took a earthquake to tilt one of those. 3 games for a quarter, not to mention the possibility of replays. What a deal! Thanks for the memories! ~ Les


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