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The Beach Boys – Tunney, Groffie, Kehoe, Luciano & Palermo

Occasionally, a little luck finds its way to me.  I recently purchased this edition of Amusement Business magazine solely because it was published in 1967 – the year I was born (I was two months old when this edition was published).  But as I was flipping through the pages today I came across these two photos captioned “Beach Boys” –  and I was simply amazed!  You can enlarge the photos with your mouse.

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  1. I spent every summer in Seaside from when I was 11 through 18. I recognize that monster ride in the background, The Zipper. Oh my gosh, was that ever a ride that would shake the fillings out of your teeth! But don’t worry, there was always the sand pit underneath the ride that would catch every gold earring, coin, pocketknife, etc. that fell. Just stand clear while the ride is going if you’re watching or waiting for someone, because you might get puked on! After you know you’ve had enough it stops, but only to start the second half of the ride… going backwards. No one who ever experienced The Zipper ever forgets it. Thanks for the memories. ~ Les (previously of 75 “N” St., Seaside Park)

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