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Jody’s Pancake House

Jody’s Pancake House on the Boulevard.  This photo appeared in a campaign handout during the 1977 election.  My father was elected to his first term on Borough Council that year with Agnes Polhemus and John Jennings (who served as tax collector back when it was still an elected position). 










Courtesy of Dr. Anthony & MaryEllen Vaz.


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  1. I do not remember this place during the 1960’s

    • I’m thinking mid- to late 1970s east side of the Boulevard between Webster and Sumner Avenues. The sign post on top of the building appears to match the Acme sign post when the building housed the old Acme (page 52 of my book if you have a copy). If I’m not mistaken, Jody’s eventually became a Perkin’s Pancake House. I’ll ask around for confirmation.

  2. Donna Pilar-DiFalco

    My heart goes out to all the residents of the Jersey shore. I spent every summer with my grandparents in Ortley Beach and through the years worked on the boardwalk and boulevard. One or two of those summers so long ago, I worked for Aggie Polhemus when she owned the food concession inside the Casino Arcade. In 1961, I won the 7th annual Miss Seaside Beauty Pageant. I have such wonderful memories of Seaside Heights that I’ll cherish always. It was a blessing that I got to walk the Seaside boardwalk last summer and it’s sad to know that it will never be as I remembered for so many many years. Oddly enough, my teenage grandson who lives in Silverton, walked his dog and took video on the boardwalk two weeks before Hurricane Sandy . When he posted it on Facebook, I cried while watching it. I’ll cherish that video forever just as I do the pics I have from the 60s of my beloved Seaside Heights. I pray for a quick, unhindered recovery and ask that He blesses you all with strength, endurance and patience. Again, I’m so sorry for your losses.


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