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Bayfront Road Project 1956-58

Photos of the bayfront road construction project between 1956-58 that created the existing clover leaf entrance ramp into Seaside Heights always fascinate me.  The project resulted in a modern highway that totally changed the appearance of the bayfront.

   From the Terry Groffie Collection

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  1. Kathleen Gallagher

    I have enjoyed tremendously your postcards and comparisons. I have wonderful memories of summers and falls in Seaside. My father’s cousin was the mayor or Seaside Park. We always stayed on Depont Avenue and I haven’t thought of Klees in 60 years. The picture of the building on bayfront and Dupont was the original Seaside Yacht Club. My parents almost bought it in the early 50’s, I was shocked to see all the fill in. At night I used to listen to the cars heading back to Pelican Island and the mainland on the old wooden bridge. I was just thinking of the sound the other night as I had trouble getting to was a wonderful sound. The older bridge from the mainland to Pelican Island was originally wooden also and I remember when it was replaced with a new high bridge. I met a woman up here who lived in Tom’s River and her family owned the clamshack on Pelican. Yes, I remember the railroad tracks.

    • Thank you Kathleen! I enjoyed the memories that you shared. My current project is a film documentary celebrating the Seaside Heights Centennial (2013). We are in production now and will be editing in the fall. We expect to release the film in May 2013. Oh, one more thing. Greg Kohr and his mother still operate the Kohr’s Original Custard stands on the Boardwalk.


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