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Seaside Heights Bakery

In the history of Seaside Heights, many bakers have sold their pasteries, cakes, and breads from stores located on the Boulevard.  This old photo shows Pete Kaminski’s “Seaside Heights Bakery.”

From the Terry Groffie Collection


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  1. Was this the shop that was run by Terry and Mr. White or was that the sweet shop I am thinking of?

  2. Thank You Chris, I lived on Sampson avenue from around 1957 until 1964. My mom was the onsite manager for the Durling apartments at 39 Sampson Avenue. The Mesankos lived up the block from me on Ocean terrace at the time. My friends that I palled around with during that time was Chaney, Boyd, Whelan,Yeager. Let me know if those names ring a bell. Thanks, John


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