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The Future Is In The Past

This is a 3 1/2 minute video that was put together as part of a grant application being submitted this week to the NJ Historical Commission.  The grant funds will be used to help finance my current project – production of a 90-minute TV/DVD quality film documentary entitled “Seaside Heights – The Future Is In The Past” to be released during the Centennial Celebration in 2013.  I envision a documentary similar in style to what the Port St. Lucie Historical Society produced for the city’s 50th Anniversary this year.

I hope that you will enjoy the promo.    


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  1. Can’t wait for the final cut.

  2. Wow … if the teaser is that good, can’t wait to see the whole thing! This will do a lot to get the town and fun destination’s somewhat obscure history “out there.”

    By the way, I’m a published writer and editor, and as you know a big fan of the ‘Heights … if you ever wanted/needed any help, or simply an extra pair of eyes, I’d certainly be interested!

    In any event, this project is just going to be great.

    By the way, are there any pictures of the Graichen’s “Victoria Court” around?

    • Thanks Ron. Can always use help and ideas, especially for a project like the film. I have photos of Victoria Court after Mike and Penny sold the motel to my parents. We lived in the townhouse part of the building for many years until they built the house on Hancock Avenue when I was in high school. I’ll see if I can dig a photo up.

  3. This video is great! My grandparents will love it! (Herman and Edie D’Alessandro) I am sure they could share a story or two if you are interested. They may even have some pictures to share if they weren’t all lost in the hurricane. Contact me at the e-mail below if you’re interested!

  4. Amy Baldesweiler

    I am watching this crying my eyes out. God Bless you. Its because of these films that Seaside will be remembered. Everyone is sad and heartbroken, but Seaside has a knack of rising from the ashes.


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