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Charley Mound @ Tompkins Bar – Summer 1975

Chuck Mound contacted me via e-mail through my website two weeks ago.  His father, Charley Mound, was a Jersey Shore performer in the 1970s and performed in Seaside Heights at Tompkins Bar.  I was able to find this ad in a June 1975 edition of The Review.   Chuck shared a song named “Seaside Heights” with me that his father recorded with the Four Seasons and was published as a 45.  It is very cool and I am hoping to incorporate it into my next project!    

From the Terry Groffie Collection


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  1. James Patrick DeLucci

    I worked on the Swiss- Bob then & little Charley brought me the 45’s to play on the ride.I still have the 45 & he sign it like a kid…..Charley Mound Jr.. “Were going to Seaside Height ” Great times & Memories………Jimi

  2. Does anyone remember Tompkins Spa? It was a variety store located Carteret ave, and the Boulevard.

  3. My name is Chris Stout, I’m very excited to have found this. I’ve been looking for evidence of this song and Charlie for a long time I was friends with Charlie Mound when I was a young kid. I lived directly across the street from Tompkins and we use to play a lot in the summers as kids. I always thought the song was really cool. I was friends with the Tompkins as a kid so I was able to run throughthe kitchen and the bar and such times have changed a lot since then


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