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Log Flume

It was one of the best log flume amusement rides anywhere!


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  1. Excellent photo.Why did they ever take it down. ??? That’s when Funtown was FUN !

  2. One of my dear & cherished memories. Wish they never took it down, Funtown Pier lost all the fun when they took down the Log Flume.

  3. I think the Log Flume opened in 1976, along with the Sawmill Cafe. I remember my Uncle from Seaside Park telling me that the log flume was the first ride on the boardwalk to cost $1 million to build. It also was reported to be the largest log flume in the world because it had two drops rather than one.

    I recall long lines to ride the log flume in the 1970s, but by the 1980s, Funtown Pier was offering the second ride for $1.

    My son is now 8 and he wishes he could ride the log flume. I guess maintaining that old structure was too expensive.

  4. My comment pertains to the Haunted Mansion. It should have the caption, “the place that nearly gave a 2 year old a heart attack.” I remember at the end of the ride, a sheet-covered “ghost” jumped out at you and I was so freaked out that I grabbed hold of the ghost and wouldn’t let go! Talk about an adult-sized adrenaline rush on a pint sized person!


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