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Ice Plant

NW corner of Grant Avenue @ West Central Avenue… 







From the Leonard Ipri Family Collection


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  1. ok, back again. the Hieirng avenue bath house was full of life.

    Leonard would appear and we would serve up for him his favorite hamburger.
    George Tompkins was the mayor.

    Seaside Heights beaches were packed to the gills.
    the Hawiaan tropic girls were on the beach passing out samples of
    lotion. LIfe was bliss.

    one day after work at the bathhouse we went to the Ice House. Why? Because there was a
    Big Frozen Bear to see. Went and there he was…this big frozen Bear which
    was very scarey!

  2. I remember the bath house, I lived on Sampson one street over from there. I think at the time it only cost a quarter or fifty cents to shower the sand off there. If I remember correctly even though that area of the board walk was barren without the stands you could still get a hotdog at or near the bath house.


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