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Double Ferris Wheel

I have to admit…I don’t remember this ride. I’ve tried, but I was only 4 years old when this photo appeared in the Review. Looks like a lot of fun though! I will dig through old copies of Amusement Business Magazine to see if there are any mentions of this ride – like what it’s really called (I made up “double ferris wheel”). Some of my “slightly older” friends from Seaside Heights may know.

Update (7/14/2011): Don W.  did a quick Google search. It’s called a Sky Wheel by the Wichita by Chance Manufacturing Company. These links get you to various YouTube videos showing similar double ferris wheels in action. Thanks Don!

From the Terry Groffie Collection


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  1. Chris-

    Did a quick Google search. It’s called a Skywheel by the Wichita by Chance Manufacturing Company. Found this on Youtube. Creepy guy, but you get a ride vid!

  2. Hey Chris…Don is right, it is the Sky Wheel, however during this time it was manufactured by the Allan Hershell Co. of Towanda NY. The rights to all of the Hershell rides are now owned by Chance/Morgan Amusement Co. It was located on the upper right side of the Casino Pier, where the flume ride is now. If you look close in the picture you can see the 2 cables of the Sky Ride on their decent. I was young at that time about 10 yrs.old as well, I do know however that it was only on the pier for 1 season, and was told that most people didnt ride it because it was so close to the end of the pier on the ocean side. I was also told it was there to compete with Funtown U.S.A’s Rampage double wheel ride which was placed in the same spot as the Aerial Swings (The Rocket Ride) after they were removed. My guess is that it would have been on the pier in 1969-70.

  3. My first thought seems to be right. I saw this and thought that it was a more gentle Zipper. Seeing its manufacturer, Chance of Witchia, seems to cement it. Chance built this, and the Zipper and The Skydiver. Their signature is that the ride itself and the patron seats have motion independent of each other. I see the other commenters looked it up too, and were correct: it’s a Skywheel. Here’s a great website:


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