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Seaside Heights History Footnote #1

Academy Award winning actor, Rod Steiger, worked at an amusement stand in Seaside Heights as a young boy. Specifically, Steiger wore minstrel makeup and sat on a wooden board waiting for ball-throwing customers to score a bullseye and sink him into a pool of water. “Three balls for a dime,” Steiger is quoted as saying. “And they never seemed to miss.”


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  1. That would probably be the BOZO DROP…I worked there myself one summer 1968. It was located inside Casino Arcade.

  2. Yes it was the Bozo Drop The Owners From the 1960,s till it was closed in 1982 to make way for Ocean Terrace to connect Lou Conforti told me that Rod worked there for the previous owners i worked there from 1970 to 1982

  3. Steiger returned to Ocean County to film, “The Amityville Horror” in 1978.

  4. My aunt and uncle owned that stand for many years The Confortis. I would come and help out there at the stand in the early 1970’s


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