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1915/1920 Aerial Photo Series (#1)

The following aerial images were extracted from a photograph that was provided to me by Dr. Floyd Moreland of the Magical Carousel Shoppe on the Boardwalk.  The photo is a very special historical document.  I’ve dated the photo to approximately 1915-1920.  It’s possible, if not likely, that the photo was taken by a passing blimp stationed at Cape May and possibly even Lakehurst. If you magnify the image you will see awesome detail of the town at a very early time in its history.  The town north of Hancock Avenue was nothing more than mosquito infested marshland and sand dunes.  The bay met the town on the southwest at Porter Avenue and on the west side of town along Bay Avenue.  You should be able to magnify this set of photos at least once before the photos become a blur of pixels.  I added street names as a reference.


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  1. Anything on Seaside Park?

    Growing up, I was told that the house I grew up in on Island Avenue was originally a carriage house from up the street. Following the Stock Market Crash in ’29, my Grandfather had was unable to pay the taxes. However, the ever scheming locals, mayor included, assisted in moving the carriage house off that property to its current location since the taxes were for on the property only.

  2. Amazing aerial photography! (Blimp-ography? LOL) Brings us back in time to the early stages of Seaside Heights when the bayside blocks were being built on fill and the town was just taking shape. Thanks for posting.


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