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Central Avenue Photos

These two photos are from the Leonard Ipri Family Collection.  Both photos show views from Central Avenue at times when the railroad track still cut through the town. You can expand the images with your mouse (left click over each image to enlarge the photo and text box).

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  1. Andy Windisch

    Amazing photos! Thanks to you and the Ipri family for sharing. Care to venture a date on these? Maybe 1940s before 1948, based on the cars and presence of the RR tracks?

    • I agree. Most likely 1940s. OLPH Church wasn’t constructed yet (dedicated in 1952) and the Pennsylvania Railroad removed the rail shortly after it received permission to abandon its right of way in the late 1940s. Also, that time period is consistent with some of the other photos in the collection that were from the 1940s (as indicated in pencil on the backs of the photos). There’s a particular photo of the railroad track being removed from the area of Franklin Avenue. The Wonder Bar is in the background. I’ll scan that one soon and add it.


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