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Hershey Motel

The Hershey family has been deeply involved in many aspects of Seaside Heights life for over 80 years. Paul K. Hershey was a school teacher and principal (1920s to late 1960s) and was a volunteer fireman. He was also the proprietor of Hershey’s Cabins and Sea Food on the Boulevard at Carteret Avenue. Son, P. Kenneth Hershey, took over the family business and operated the Hershey Motel with his wife Patty Hershey until they sold the motel to the McGrath family in the late 1980s. Big Top Arcade on the Boardwalk at Hancock Avenue (soon to reopen as the The Arcade Marketplace) is also a Hershey family operation. Ken followed his father into the Seaside Heights Vol. Fire Company (he joined as a “junior member” as a young boy) and will have served as Seaside Heights mayor for 20 years when his term ends December 31, 2011. Today the Hershey Motel has 115 rooms and occupies the entire block east-west between the Boulevard and Central Ave., and south-north between Carteret Ave. and Sampson Ave. Click here for the Hershey Motel website. One more thing…Ken and Patty’s daughter Cara is the owner of Le Petit Garage Boutique & Company on the Boardwalk and son Erik is a Seaside Heights police officer and volunteer fireman. Seaside Heights runs in the Hershey family’s blood!                   

Daytime view from the 1970s…

Nighttime view from the 1970s…

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