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Sky Ride at Funtown U.S.A.

In these two views you can see the Sky Ride cars and elevated track that circled the Funtown Amusement Pier.

The following two postcards are from the collection of Lou Blazik, a Seaside Heights resident who is now deceased. These postcards (and others) were loaned to me when I was writing my book by his granddaughter, Megan Brady, who I attended high school with.

The next postcard provides a great aerial perspective of how the Sky Ride and the Funtown Railroad were laid out on the Funtown Pier. If you enlarge the photo with your mouse you should also be able to spot McKelvey’s Bar (which later became Frankie & Johnny’s Saloon) and the Strand Movie Theatre on opposite corners of Porter and Ocean Terrace Avenues.


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  1. Since Sandy, I was wondering what landmarks remained since I spent a summer there in an “Animal House” environment. McKelvey’s Bar was our hangout. I rented an apartment a few blocks to the north and west with three other guys. Those were the days.

    • McKelvey’s was quite some time ago Paul! It became Frankie & Johnny’s Tavern, but the building was demolished a few years back. The lot is used for parking now. The storm ravaged the boardwalk but virtually all of the Boulevard businesses and most homes are structurally intact. There was much water damage from the storm surge so most property owners have to contend with water related damage.

  2. Thanks for the update. I was there in 1967, 1968. Lot’s of memories. A lot forgotten, too.

  3. McKelvey’s Bar! I remember it well. I worked on the boardwalk through college and often went to McKelvey’s after work. Sometimes I went there for lunch, in fact! That was in the 70’s, when McKelvey’s children took over the operation of the place. I guess they did not fare so well.


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