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1968 Night View & Swiss Bob From AB Magazine

The following two posts are from the July 27, 1968, issue of Billboard’s “Amusement Business” weekly magazine. The magazine was a trade publication for amusement industry insiders. The first photo shows page 5 of the issue. The photo is a south facing evening view of the Seaside Heights boardwalk. The photo on the bottom right of page 5 features Edy Meier’s Swiss Bob ride that was located at Casino Pier. You can enlarge the photo with your mouse.


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  1. How about the Himalaya? I remember that ride so well and they guy announcing “Keep the bar down please, keep the bar down”

    • One of my former neighbors growing up worked at the Himalaya. “Do you wanna go faster?!?!?!” It was my favorite ride because of the loud rock n’ roll blasting in the background and it rolled in reverse!

  2. carmine piesco

    what was some of the music being plaayed at the swiss bob or Himalaya

    • IY IY… IY-IY-IY… ITS THE Swiss Bob…Swiss-Bob,The fastest ride on the boardwalk.
      As far as the music it all was on a reel to reel tape. From the Doors Love her Madly, The Association Along Comes Mary, To Jeannie C Riley’s Harper Valley PTA. Those were the ones I can remember.


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