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Log Flume

This series of postcards features the Log Flume that was located at Funtown Pier. In the first view you can also see the Strand Skilo at the bottom left side of the postcard. A miniature golf course is on the roof the arcade located to the right of the Skilo building. You can enlarge each postcard with your mouse.


How old does a postcard have to be before it is considered a “vintage postcard?”  The first card below was published in 1985 and the second card was published in 1982.



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  1. When the Log Flume opened in 1976, I was told that it cost over $1 million and was the largest of its kind in the world because it had two drops.

  2. What was the story of the log flume closing and being moved? This was the best of this kind of ride I was ever on and wonder if it was relocated or just scrapped. What year did it come down?

    • The Lag Flume was shortened and moved to the furthest point south in funtown pier. It was closed and dismantled in the mid-to late 90’s


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