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Casino Pier Skyride Postcards

The Skyride that traveled east-west over the Casino Pier and Boardwalk was a popular attraction between 1964 and its removal in 1982.



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  1. If you are facing North in front of the Pier Grille where the old Casino Funhouse, used to be you can still see the concrete footprint for the old Sky Ride. In the lower right corner it is signed and dated when it was actually installed back in 1966.

    • Henry Riccio

      Actually, it was installed in 1964, however due to the bad fire of 1965 which destroyed a lot of the Casino Pier boardwalk and amusements, a one million dollar repair and refurbishment included new rides, the new $80,000 Double Decker Funhouse and new posts for the Skyride, all of which was completed by the 1966 summer season, which would explain those 1966 markings in that concrete base you mentioned, which is indeed still there and solid as ever!
      Every time I pass by that Funhouse building, although much of its original exterior turrets, shapes and zebra roofing have been either painted over, removed or replaced, I look down at that big 9 bolt Skyride post cement base and think back to a time when Seaside was indeed a family oriented fun spot, where for only a few dollars you could spend the whole day having fun.
      When your vacation was over and you drove past the double neon signs which read THANK YOU and HURRY BACK on your way to the rt. 37 bridge, you couldn’t wait for next year to roll around to come back to “The Town That FUN Built”.
      Today MTV’s Jersey Shore, although somewhat entertaining, never quite captured what Seaside Heights and Seaside Park was to many families and people who knew of classic rides, steak, sausage and roast beef sandwiches for 40 cents, games of chance, taffy and fudge factories and penny arcades; all which have now been replaced with money hungry impossible-to-win games and alcohol pushing pit-stops where fights break out and arrests are many.
      I’m not sure which is worse, having never experienced what many of us remembered but is now gone, or to have actually lived it and realize its now gone, perhaps never to return.
      To this day, 49 years later I still shed a tear for what once was; what will never be again, and what future generations will never realize.

  2. Finally a picture showing the ‘big man’ holding a golf club! I’ve been telling my family and friends I remember him holding one,but every picture I have seen doesnt have him with one!!!


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