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Business Ad Featuring Seaside Casino & Pool

This view of the Seaside Casino & Pool amusement complex was on the front of a postcard that was mailed all over the country by Inertol Company, Inc., to recreation and amusement industry professionals. Inertol’s products were used in the construction of the pool. The reverse side of the card contained the company’s sales pitch: “Your  product is a part of this enterprise,” writes Mr. C.M. Hefelfinger, Manager of the establishment pictured on the reverse side. Inaugurated on June 16, 1937, in the presence of Governor Hoffman and other high State Officials, the pool and casino quickly became one of the most popular resorts along the Jersey Coast. The swimming and wading pools have been lined with Seagreen RAMUC enamel, the smooth tile-like finish of which proved to be a special attraction and of great help in keeping the salt water always sparkingly clear and free of algae. The coating is rendering excellent service on this and hundreds of other pools all over the country. If yours is not yet amongst them, please write us today.     

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